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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering our services.

We have stopped sending bills via the post office due to constant change of postage box number by our customers resulting to bills landing on wrong hands. At the moment bills are being delivered by hand to the respective customer by the meter reader. We have also embarked on sending bills via emails to customers who have furnished us with their personal /corporate email addresses. You can also get to know your account balance by sending the ten digit account number via sms to 20227. You can also reach us on hotline no 0714906091 and inquire about your bill during working hours (08.00am -05.00pm) Monday - Friday and from 08.00-12.00 noon on Saturdays.

Billing based on estimate can be a result of denied access for the meter reader to read the meter,a malfunctioning meter or wrong readings hence prompting the sytem to bill on estimate. Whenever you are billed on estimate it will be indicated on your bill on the consumption column i.e 6e meaning that you have been billed on an estimate of 6 cubic meters. Kindly do not hesitate to call /visit the area /head offices or customer care to report.

Your bill is comprised of a SERVICE CHARGE and a CONSUMPTION CHARGE. The service charge portion of your bill is designed to recover a portion of fixed costs incurred in providing water services.These costs include the cost of maintaining the supply, treatment, distribution and service facilities that are needed to provide water service to your home or business. This charge appears on every bill and does not vary with consumption, but is related to the size and flow capacity of your meter.The CONSUMPTION CHARGE reflects the amount of water you actually used.

Mombasa water and sewerage company Limited generally prohibits workers from accepting payments of any kind. Please call customer care office to make payments arrangements.

Balance changes after the payment is processed and has been posted to your water/sewer account. All payments to your account shall be updated and reflected in the bills within the respective billing month.

You can send an inquiry via email to Please be sure to include your account number and a phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours.

You can call customer care office and make payment arrangements. If your account has been sent out for shut off and your water has been disconnected, you will have to visit the customer care centre to fill in a reconnection form. A specific charge will have to be paid in order to facilitate reconnection.