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Tenders Addendum
Title Closing Date Download PDF Document Release Date:
Addendum Notice 001-Smart Water Metering Addendum Notice 001-Smart Water Metering.pdf (735.13 KB)
Addendum On Tender Documents For Medical Cover And General Motors Of Motor Vehicles And Cycles (2) Adjusted ADDENDUM-ON-TENDER-DOCUMENTS-FOR-MEDICAL-COVER-AND-GENERAL-MOTORS-OF-MOTOR-VEHICLES-AND-CYCLES-2-ADJUSTED.pdf (295.93 KB)
Available Tenders
Title Closing Date Download PDF Document Release Date:
RFP for legal services RFP LEGAL SERVICES .pdf (1.17 MB)
Request for proposals for provision of smart Water metering REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR SMART WATER METERING_2.pdf (1.28 MB)
Tender No:Mwss-008-2023-2024- Major & Minor Motor Vehicles-Cycles Repair (Re-Advertisement) TENDER-NO-MWSS-008-2023-2024-MAJOR-MINOR-MOTORVEHICLES-CYCLES-REPAIR-SERVICES.pdf (1.27 MB)
Bidding Document- Costruction of Dtf_Magongo-Soweto UBPSUP Bidding-Document-Costruction-of-DTF_Magongo-Soweto-UBPSUP.pdf (1.91 MB)
Dtf Drawings_Mombasa Dtf DTF-Drawings_Mombasa-DTF.pdf (21.73 MB)
Dtf50_Boqs – Unpriced Boqs DTF50_BoQs-UNPRICED-BoQs.xlsx (140.07 KB)
Clarification On Suppliers Registration 2023-2024 CLARIFICATION-ON-SUPPLIERS-REGISTRATION-2023-2024.pdf (61.09 KB)
Tender No Mwss-002-2023-2024 -Major & Minor Motorvehicles-Cycles Repair Services(Pdf) TENDER-NO-MWSS-002-2023-2024-MAJOR-MINOR-MOTORVEHICLES-CYCLES-REPAIR-SERVICES.pdf (1.25 MB)
Tender For Provision Of Security And Alarm Services 2022-2023 TENDER-FOR-PROVISION-OF-SECURITY-AND-ALARM-SERVICES-2022-2023.pdf (706.04 KB)
Tenderno.Mwss-042-2022-2023-Provision Of Airticketing Services TENDERNO.MWSS-042-2022-2023-PROVISION-OF-AIRTICKETING-SERVICES-.pdf (1.32 MB)
Available Prequalification
Title Closing Date Download PDF Document Release Date:
Registration Notice 2023 - 2025 Registration-Notice.pdf (360.96 KB)
Prequalification of Suppliers List FY 2019-21 PREQUALIFICATION-OF-SUPPLIERS-FY-2019-21-DETAILED-LIST.pdf (463.26 KB)
World Bank Projects
Title Downloadable File
Updated RAP for MOWASCO Lot 2B Water Supply – cleared for disclosure DOWNLOAD FILE (16.69 MB)
MOWASCO ESIA – 15 Ablution Blocks – cleared for disclosure DOWNLOAD FILE (52.09 MB)
Updated RAP Report for Mombasa Sewer Network -for disclosure DOWNLOAD FILE (18.86 MB)
CESMP for the Mombasa Sewer Network Project.14.02.22 DOWNLOAD FILE (1.29 MB)
Annex 2 – Revised Asset Register – Mombasa Sewer Network DOWNLOAD FILE (150.7 KB)
Annex B – PAPs and Updated Asset Register or Valuation Roll.MO.03.02.22 DOWNLOAD FILE (66.69 KB)
C-ESMP Stormwater and Sewer Overflows. MO.03.22 DOWNLOAD FILE (7.24 MB)
UPdated Stormwater RAP-Cleared for Disclosure DOWNLOAD FILE (27.25 MB)