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Meter Testing and Servicing

Maintaining accurate water meters is critical to operations and should be every utility’s top priority. For water utilities, meter accuracy is a matter of revenue generated by the company. An over-registered meter will charge for water never received, and under registration will cause a revenue loss. Having your water meters tested ensure that revenues received are kept at maximum by the company.

Utilizing industry standards, the latest certified testing equipment, and a dedicated testing staff, MOWASSCO can accommodate all of your water testing needs. Our testing capabilities provide utilities, other water authorities, and meter unit providers with unbiased flow measurement assessments. Our facilities have the capabilities to test water meters in a wide range of operating conditions, similar to those they’d experience during service.

Some of the most common reasons we conduct meter testing

Billing Disputes – A customer claims that their water bill is higher than it should be, and the company is forced to prove the accuracy of the meter in question.
Replacement Initiatives – As we continue upgrading our systems and infrastructure, pulling a sample selection of meters to be tested can give the justification needed to do a complete upgrade if the meters prove to be inaccurate.

Meter testing services are carried out at a fee of Ksh.500