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tanker services

Water Boozer/ Tanker Services

To meet the varying needs of our clients, we’ve variety in our fleet of tankers used to deliver bulk, clean water or portable (drinking) water to site

MOWASSCO operates water boozers used for supplying clean water to customers within Mombasa and its environs upon request and payment of the requisite service charge.

The water boozer provide mobile water supply solution for sites that do not have the water network or are undeserved.

Customers interested in this service can contact our customer service section at our various regional/zonal offices to confirm availability and schedules of the trucks.

We also provide many thousands of litres of drinking water in a day, using a fill the breach operation of H2O tankers, keeping the supply constant in a crisis.

The company implements the highest levels of health and safety in ensuring the tanker vessel is deep cleansed in advance of any water being put into it. Fittings and hoses are cleansed too. Water is drawn from local authority hydrants and tested as fit for purpose.

The company operates a 17,000 litres water tanker and a customer is required to pay Kshs.5,000 for the services