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Soweto residents in Mombasa welcome water and sanitation improvement project

300 households targeted to have pit latrines changed to toilets with proper sewer system The project entails convincing house owners and landlords to construct new toilets or rehabilitate their existing ones and reward them with a subsidy.

Notice of Tariff Adjustment for Mombasa Water

Submitted by MOWASSCO on July 17, 2023

Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) has approved the tariff for water and sanitation services provided by Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Co. Ltd., in accordance with its mandate under Section 72(b) of the Water Act 2016. 
You are required to review and comply with the tariffs and conditions outlined in the Gazette Notice No. 10541, which was published in Kenya Gazette Vol CXXV - No. 180 on 11th Aug 2023. Failure to comply with these tariffs and conditions may result in penalties as provided by the Water Act 2016. 
WASREB expects immediate compliance with this directive. 

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